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Want a health coaching business that gets you likes, love and engagement online?

Download 30 days of highly engaging and beautifully designed content completely done for you and ready to post. Includes a 4 Day online Coaching Program to get more clients online.


If you can't get enough done in the day, or struggle with the basic foundations for getting off the ground then you've found your new home.

You are going to increase your ability to DO more in your business so that you can be the coach you want to be.

You will be given free resources that other people charge you for, because we feel that the fundamentals should be given to you on graduation - not (maybe) found after endless google searches, tech headaches and too many "hope for the best" rabbit hole scenarios. 



Cosy up and grab a cup, we are about to fill it up with an endless supply of support, encouragement and a whole lot of love. Welcome to the Wellpreneurial tribe. 

Time to take action Coach!

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Simplified business advice, website design, done for you content and indulgently inspirational stories so that you can succeed on your entrepreneurial journey. Founded by Kylie Malcolm - The Fairy Godmother to Wellpreneurs.
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Sharda Ten Hove

I absolutely LOVE Wellpreneurial

"I absolutely love this resource, such a great booster for those who are in the field of service to others. Great tips of how to improve the quality of your own life and thereby those of other too! Great name too by the way 😉"


"Valuable resource!"

How cool to that this great-looking, easy-to-navigate, valuable resource is out there! Loved the topics, the in-depth personal interviews. I’d love to contribute and look forward to more to come.

Michelle O'Grady

This resource rocks it!

"This is the perfect resource for the wellpreneur! I’m loving the ‘grow grenades’! Grateful that the articles are clear, short, and focused. Sharing with my wellness coaching community. Thank you Kylie for creating another valuable resource to support us on our journey ❤️"

Kim Nawbar

Wellness & Business Information at it's best!

"This is a must have for all in the wellness business. Clear, concise and straight to the point whilst being heartfelt. A great mixture of personal journeys, advise, tips, products and free social media shares. What a great job Kylie, so grateful to have found you."

Kimberly Sheller

I am in LOVE with Wellpreneurial

"This is FABULOUS!!! I love absolutely everything about it. Chock full of the most up to date information in ONE place! Thank you so much for bringing this to us Kylie. Job well done!"

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It's an online community full of support from Kylie and other experts. People who appreciate that lifting each other up and supporting each other means true success. We have free content, giveaway's and 100% pure support to help you create the online business you crave.



"Your business should be one that lights you up inside,
not makes you rip your hair out in frustration"

- Kylie Malcolm, Founder of Wellpreneurial