kylie Malcolm - wellpreneurial magazine editor and founder

Meet Kylie Malcolm
The Fairy Godmother to Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs

Officially I am Certified Health Coach and Children's Nutrition Expert. Unofficially, I am a wellness warrior, mentor, coach, tech whiz, website designer and lover of fine foods.

When I'm not creating Wellpreneurial™ content, I'm busy helping wellness businesses with their tech woes over at Wellpreneur Websites or inside our Community Group and taking the stress and frustration away from designing websites and online content.

My mission is simple: Help tens of thousands of wellness entrepreneurs without hidden agendas and false hopes. My objective is to give wellness coaches a boost and support system that has long been needed. I created Wellpreneurial™ to hold a safe space away from the Facebook feed noise and relentless ads (with the sole purpose to steal your money and under deliver on helping you build your business). My promise is to give you what you need from industry experts you can trust.


Website Whizz and The Backbone to Wellpreneurial

Javelyn has been with Wellpreneurial full time since we began this journey. When Kylie is away, Jave is the glue that holds the business together. Not only is she amazing at helping Health & Wellness coaches with the tech stuff, she builds websites, helps implement coaching programs and is the master of mailing list setup. You are in good hands! Note that Javelyn is not available for hiring directly. 


We are health coaches, wellness coaches, fitness instructors, nutritionists, naturopaths, life coaches and everything in between. We are wellpreneurs.


It's a new era for health and wellness business owners. 

Wellpreneurial™  is an online resource, website design and course content hub dedicated to health and wellness entrepreneurs.

But, Wellpreneurial™ is much much more than just that....


Wellpreneurial™ is an actionable support system that gives you step by step, easy to implement guides and tips to actually go and get stuff done. Not just read and forget about later. Wellpreneurial™ is the type of resource that impacts lives and has no hidden agenda. It's pure magic with your own wand at your fingertips.

Wellpreneurial™ will bring about change and inspiration in your business you never knew existed. Ready to join our community?