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What to look out for and what to run away from (fast!)


Saving time when it comes to building a business is probably one of the most talked about topics.

As a health and wellness entrepreneur there is so much that needs to be done, too little time, and you need to look after your clients too! Right?

This is why done for you content can be a life saver to help boost your business in ways that you’d never imagined. But what happens if the content is really bad or is just hyped up and doesn’t deliver what it promises, while your hard earned (or not yet earned) cash is thrown down the drain?

In the 3 years I’ve been doing creative, technical and business guidance for coaches, I have setup hundreds of done for you content pieces from many different creators. 

I’m going to walk you through the essentials of done for you content, what to look for and the type of content to steer clear of so you can be sure you are buying quality material to use in your coaching business.

1. Do Your Research.

In a world filled with Facebook ads and marketing tactics that are grossly inflated with half truths, it can be impossible to know who to truly trust. This is where research comes in. Before you even contemplate handing over your credit card, you should be digging deep into the integrity of the person who is creating content and looking to see any holes or missing pieces that don’t add up.

Unfortunately it’s easy to drum up a written testimonial - I have seen some done for you content even provide a fake one to use on sales pages and landing pages.

One common trait I have seen with content that didn’t add up was the forcefulness on how much you could earn when using the content and focus not so much on the content but more so on the earning potential. Think about how the person markets themselves and their business and ask yourself, would you market your wellness business that way? If you wouldn’t, then the content probably isn’t for you.

2. Check For Quality

It’s easy to throw something together and put a done for you label on it with a claim to fame that the content is the best thing out since buddha bowls arrived. The sad part about this is many coaches buy, read through it and come to realize the content just doesn’t work for them because it’s poorly done or whipped up without being tested.

Some questions to ask the provider of done for you content could be:

  • Did you create the content yourself?
  • What are the ultimate outcomes of the program the client will get? 
  • What resources did you use in creating the content?
  • Has the done for you program been tested professionally before you sold it as a done for you?
  • What are the ‘real’ results?
  • Do you provide fake testimonials (great question for weeding out bad products)

You should also ask within your network to see what really works for their business also. Knowing this before you decide could mean saving your business hundreds or even thousands of dollars and hours in wasted time. 

3. Is There Support?

Once you buy done for you content - particularly coaching programs - you will want to make sure there is a support system in place to guide you through your own setup. Check to see if there are Facebook support groups for the product so you can be in a community of coaches and professionals using the same content in different contexts.

The best way to find out is to join the content providers free groups on Facebook and see the dynamics of the group. Check to see if they are genuinely helping coaches or only marketing themselves and their products. This means not being left in the dark and getting genuine help and support that you wouldn’t get with other providers out there. 


So now poses the question? What content is trustworthy of your hard earned cash?

Here is a roundup of our faves:


Content from the Wellpreneurial store. 

  • White label ebooks
  • Coaching programs (emotional eating, weight loss)
  • Social Media content packs (done for you content, images, videos and more)
  • Social Media Content templates 



Content from Health Coach Solutions

  • Ebook Content
  • 7 Day Coaching Program Challenge
  • 30 Day Coaching Program 
  • 6 Month Program (our absolute favorite!)



Content from Claudia Petrilli 

  • Sugar coaching program
  • Stressed to zen coaching program
  • A few more in store...


I’ve seen coaches succeed successfully with done for you content, and coaches who have flopped their launch. It all came down to one of two things: They didn’t edit the content to make it their own, or the content was overpriced untested garbage.

I’ve come across too many coaches now with a collection of content sitting on their computer collecting virtual dust because the content simply didn’t apply, wasn’t quality work, is generic and seen everywhere, or just didn’t make sense.

Use your gut instincts and best judgement when buying, do your research, check for quality and make sure there is support. You’ll go in knowing you’ve made a sound purchase that will benefit your business, not hinder it.

I would love to know your thoughts below!

Founder - Wellpreneurial
Kylie Malcolm is the Publisher and Editor of Wellpreneurial magazine. She is the Fairy Godmother to the wellness industry and a lover of everything tech related. https://wellpreneurial.com/

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